Chaos synth (Black panel)


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Chaos synth is inspired from known Benjolin project by Rob Hordijk.
You have oscillators that is running the whole story.
Each oscillator gives you a square and triangle output.
You get also an extra Chaos, PWM and XOR ouput.

The Chaos output is derived from the shift register that spits out 3 bits. The bit outputs are available on the panel.
The offset of the Chaos and bit signals can be controlled on the panel. The sequence can be stopped with a switch on the panel.
De frequency modulation of both oscillators can be controlled via CV or by using the hardwired switches.

You get an State Variable Filter that outputs the SUM of all signals. HP, BP and LP outputs are available on the panel.
The frequency of the filters can be voltage controlled via the panel. The filter also accepts external signals.

The module is 4U LW Format and needs 12v, Ground and -12V.

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Weight 0,500 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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