I doubled the circuit and used custom made vactrols. The trimmer is to be used to have the best results with

Random Signal Generator

Power supply: 51mA
Output: CV (WIDTH control is possible with 0-5V) / Gate latency: 2ms
Number of steps: 4,6,8,12
Select from 16 steps

You can adjust the randomness by adjusting the position of the knob. If it is in the direction of 12 o’clock, the CV / Gate of all sounds will be changed. The sequence is locked in the 5 o’clock and 17 o’clock directions. In the direction of 10 o’clock and 14 o’clock, only two sounds are switched. And so on.

Also, phrase repetition can be set from 1 to 8. The phrase can also be set by repeating one type or repeating two types alternately.

More info:
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