Feature List:

Scale Modes: The Scale is chosen by turning the Encoder Knob:

Major Pentatonic
Major Pentatonic + 7
Natural Minor
Minor Pentatonic
Root Modes: The Root-Note is Selected by turning the same Encoder Knob while held pressed down! With the Rotate function All Scales are availiable from C, C-sharp, D, D-Sharp, E …. A, A-Sharp, B. So no need to transpose your oscillator anymore! Every Scale Mode is availiable with every Root Note Selected!

CV-Modes: The CV-Mode is chosen by double clicking (and holding) the encoder button and turning the knob while pressed! CV-modes determin what the Mode CV input does:

Control Slide Function via CV (ON or OFF)
Control Slide Time via CV, in addition to what is set on the Slide Knob
Select the Scales via CV
Select the Root Note via CV
Transpose the incoming Pitch CV in Semitone-Steps
Transpose the incoming Pitch CV in Fifths (7 Semitones)
Transpose the incoming Pitch CV in Octaves (12 Semitones)
TB-303 type Slide Function with Knob!

Encoder with Switch to select everything

A RGB LED to indicate the selected Scale. And in addition the Root, and CV Mode, when it is in the corresponding select mode.

Pitch CV Input Mode CV Input for all the additional CV functions Gate/Trigger Output Quantized Pitch CV Output

Toggle Switch to activate and deactivate current selected CV_Mode

Buffered Output with Scale trimpot for calibraion!

Inputs safe for Eurorack levels.

More info:
DIY and docs: Github

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DIY : Pusherman / Synthcube